Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Bachelor of Business Administration Program in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Awaken your gift, become number one

If cooking is your passion, unleash your unlimited potential here!

Dusit Thani College is well equipped with modern materials, manpower and technology in order to innovate food to reach the lifestyle of modern consumers.

Cultivate the ultimate kitchen

  • Intensively practise more than 1,500-hours cooking learning including old-world Thai foods, Thai foods from each region and western cuisine, French cuisine and desserts such as cakes, myriad of French bakery, chocolate techniques, and the like.  
  • Learn the usage of the kitchen and equipment.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of food products.
  • Deeply learn about sanitation and work safety.
  • Cultivate ideas and solve problems professionally.

We will expand and level up the mind set and working standard to truely evolve students to be leaders in the food business.


4 Years Program (8 Semesters)

Program Start Date

1st Semester - 19 August 2019
2nd Semester - 6 January 2020

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Career Path

  • Executive Chef
  • Food and Beverage Manager of hotels and resorts
  • Business owners of restaurants, food and beverage
  • Food production and distribution business

Opportunity after graduation

Employment Rate > 95%

More Information

Chef Ping, Surakit Khemkeaw

Executive Chef, Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant

When asked where I graduated from, I always eager to reply that I graduated from Dusit Thani College, and could not be more proud when people seems to be impressed by that. Every single moment at Dusit Thani College is very meaningful to me as it has motivated me in every aspect of life. I still remember the college activities that allowed me to show my ability, the instructors who were always very supportive and led me to my career goals as a chef. After graduated for 2 years, at the age of 25, I became “Executive Chef” at Cielo Sky Bar & Restaurant and was offered to work in many huge companies. I was even offered a restaurant. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say that “goals and dreams can be achieved through your intention and action."

Tanida Amornvatin

Corporate Thai Chef, Centara Hotel and Resort

I become the person I always wanted to be because of Dusit Thani College. I started with zero knowledge on hospitality industry and Dusit Thani College helped me fill my empty glass. The instructors are eager to provide us with knowledge, experiences as well as business ethics. At the same time, we are also eager to take what was given, and in the end, our strong passion and intention paid off impressively. Dusit Thani College, in my opinion, is one of the best institutes for hospitality, service, and culinary industry, with great curriculum that are designed to strengthen our knowledge and skills on hospitality as well as professional instructors and staff.

Nattinee Plodthong

Thai Cuisine Expert, Makro

The curriculum offered at Dusit Thani College covers many useful fields from culinary, management to language skills. Being entitled as "culinary arts student” taught me to be patient, down-to-earth, and service-minded. The uniform I wear also reminded me to be strict to the rules of hospitality, disciplined, and humble. I become who I am today because of everything I received from Dusit Thani College. Culinary Arts at Dusit Thani College, especially western cuisine, are very systematic in a way. Therefore, I would really want to bring that system to apply with Thai cuisine curriculum so that we could maintain Thai cuisine's uniqueness, preparation, procedures, and history as well as to manage the proper learning process in order to pass on Thai cuisine to the next generation accurately and sustainably.

Dr. Ploycharas Pragattakomon

Manager of Academic Competition Department, Dusit Thani College

Dusit Thani College shaped me into a hard-working and endured person. Dusit Thani College candidates are said to be patient and can bear with any obstacles. The standards of Dusit Thani College's students also very similar in terms of responsibility and strong working intention. When I decided to work here in Dusit Thani College, I was offered a variety of jobs from academic to practical fields and even had a chance to participate in many national and international culinary competitions. Dusit Thani College has always produce skilled and professional candidates through its excellent curriculum and teaching methods.

Thitisorn Amatasin

Executive Chef, The Sukhothai Hotel

I truly believe that education is the beginning of success. It helps shape my way of thinking, turning me into a rational and organized person and also helps develop my potential to the fullest which is very important for a chef. In my opinion, Dusit Thani College is Thailand's leading institute for hospitality and culinary profession. Trainees from Dusit Thani College tend to be well-prepared and quick learners. Many chefs at Sukhothai Hotel are also the alumni of Dusit Thani College. Therefore, I would say that Dusit Thani College is one of the important reasons that helped me achieved my goals at such a young age.

Supasit Kitlertbunjong

Restaurant Owner in Chicago

I've gained a lot from Dusit Thani College from academic aspects, activities, leadership skills to confidence and so on. Everything I received from Dusit Thani College made me who I am today and gave me strength and encouragement. I used every piece of knowledge I have and now I open up a restaurant in the US. I also proudly say that Dusit Thani College is of course a second to none. Dusit Thani College candidates are competitive due to the knowledge, leadership skills, and problem solving skills. I would suggest this institute to those who want to work in hospitality and service industry. And I am not hesitate to add that “I would not be this successful without the help of Dusit Thani College."

Supamongkon Supapipat

Chef Table by Chef Art

After 20 years of graduation, every moment I have at Dusit Thani College still lingers in my memory. I have learned many useful things from our experienced instructors. I can say that without the help of Dusit Thani College, I would not be the person I am today.

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