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1. Program Degree

         M.B.A. (Hotel and Restaurant Management)

2. Program Objectives

  • To provide learners with theories and applications related to hotel and restaurant business.
  • To equip learners with sound management skills required by leaderships in professional business management.
  • To prepare learners for career advancement in management position in hotel and restaurant industry.

3. Program Structure

Subjects Plan A(2) (Thesis) Plan B (Non-thesis)
Hospitality Business Core Courses 15 15
Major Required Courses 15 15
Major Elective Courses - 6
Thesis 12 -
Independent Study - 6
Total (Credits) 42 42

4. Course Listing

4.1 Non-credit

  • MBA.601 Introduction to Hotel and Restaurant Business
  • MBA.602 Introduction to Hospitality Accounting and Finance
  • MBA.603 Introduction to Economics
  • MBA.604 Academic English for Master’s Study

4.2 Hospitality Business Core Courses – 15 Credits

  • MBA.611 Human Resources Management and Leadership for the Hospitality Industry
  • MBA.612 Marketing Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • MBA.613 Hospitality Managerial Accounting and Finance for Decision Making
  • MBA.614 Management Information Systems in the Hospitality Industry
  • MBA.615 Business Research Methods in the Hospitality Industry

4.3 Major Required Courses – 15 Credits

  • MBA.621 Revenue Management for Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.622 Sustainable Development in Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.623 Feasibility Studies for Hotel and Restaurant Development
  • MBA.624 Strategic Management for International Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.625 Seminar in Hotel and Restaurant Management Issues

4.4 Major Elective Courses – 6 Credits for plan B

  • MBA.631 Managing Organizational Changes in Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.632 Organizational Behavior in Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.633 Crisis Management in Hotels and Restaurants
  • MBA.634 Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition Management

4.5 Independent Study/Thesis

  • MBA.681 Independent Study
  • MBA.682 Comprehensive Examination
  • MBA.691 Thesis

5. Academic System

  • First semester : August – December
  • Second semester : January – May
  • Summer semester : June – July

6. Admission Period

  • February - April

7. Admission Requirement

  • Candidates are required to hold a bachelor’s degree in any field of study. The candidate is requested to register in any remedial subject if he/she did not study at bachelor degree level.
  • Candidates should have at least one year of working experience. Recent graduates should have Cum. GPA of 3.00 from a scale of 4.00.

8. Tuition Fees

  • Total fees are approximately Bht 250,000, excluding fees for remedial courses of Bht 4,000 each.